Oskar Boldre (1968)  Started his career as a self-taught musician, approaching music as a young guitar player and vocalist in progressive rock groups meeting in Milan’s basements (ITA). He moved quickly on to free folk, then Afro jazz as a singer-percussionist, bass player and composer.

After a 5-year-retreat on a farm in Tuscany, during which he discovered the power of the voice and the body’s polyrhythms, he turned to studying overtone singing with Bernard Jaeger (CH/D).

In 1997 the Scuola di Musica Popolare in Forlimpopoli (ITA) asked him to arrange traditional songs of Bulgaria for a vocal octet. He also sang as a tenor in this ensemble.

Also in 1997 he founded the Goccia di Voci polyphonic choirs (World Music oriented repertoire) and the vocal ensemble Ancore d’Aria (pioneering repertoire in European a cappella music) and has been directing them ever since (CH/ITA). The intense activities of these ensembles include several CDs, concerts, European festivals and radio recordings both in Italy and in Switzerland.

In 1998 he started the Loutec project (ecm-jazz and his own compositions) with the pianist Riccardo Morpurgo from Triest.

Oskar Boldre has been a vocalist in the Kashina project (improvisation and Solar Jazz) with the drummer Alex Cristilli from Biella since 2000.
He has taught singing classes at the Scuola di Musica Popolare in Locarno (CH) and has been teaching vocal improvisation in Locarno and Lugano since 2000 (CH).
As a vocal trainer, actor and composer he has collaborated with various theatres: A.T.I.R Milano (ITA), Teatro due Mondi Faenza (ITA), Teatro dei Fauni Locarno (CH).

Since 2004 he has been the artistic director for the international music festival Voci Audaci (CH).
He is member of the Association OSA!

As a vocalist he has collaborated with various artists: recording with Ivo Antognini’s jazz band (CH), with Francesco Forges’s vocal project One More Language (ITA), and with vocalist Albert Hera (ITA), director, arranger and singer of the project for voices only Nel Cuore della Voce with Anna Oxa (ITA).
Oskar Boldre started his ongoing solo career in 2001, with the suite OASIS, for solo voice and digital echo, created for and performed at the opening of the painter Paolo Baratella’s exhibition Alice e i signori del tempo, commissioned by the culture department of San Donato Milanese (ITA).
Since 2004 he has been composing and performing as a soloist, getting closer and closer to the innovative techniques of the voice as an instrument, overtone singing, vocal drums, and sung bass, captured by the infinite possibilities offered by the world’s diverse music cultures.
Voci come Occhi is an experimental vocal and theatrical performance directed by Davide Fossati presented within the “arcaico, semplicemente organico” (archaic, simply organic) festival in Cinisello Balsamo (ITA), as a Swiss (Teatro dei Fauni) /Italian (Cooperativa Mosaico) production.
Voce Danzante con Respiro is a performance for solo voice and live electronics. It presents improvisations, original compositions, and arrangements of C.Debussy, M.Ravel, B.Marcello